Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10 Steps to a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit: What the Florida Home Owner Needs to Know

Broward Cty Courthouse
Florida still ranks number one in the country for home foreclosures.  Nothing to be happy about, if you are a home owner, right? 

With so many Florida mortgage holders either in foreclosure or underwater in their mortgages and thinking about throwing in the towel, there's lots of stuff on the web to help them out.  That's good.

What's not so good is some of this stuff isn't true.  And some of this stuff isn't complete - it's not giving all the info that a Florida home owner facing foreclosure needs to know.

It's a big mess right now, and things are complicated in the law today because of all the robosigning and bad paper filed by banks and other things.  Having a Florida lawyer keeping up with the developments is a good thing. 

It's also a good thing to have a Florida lawyer by your side during the Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit.  And for those who don't know what all that involves in time and money and complications, here’s a brief overview of the Florida Foreclosure Process in 10 Steps.

Image:  Wikimedia Commons, Nov 2010 by Georgia Guercio.