Thursday, November 4, 2010

JP Morgan Chase – What the Hell is Going On?

We met a client today that recently lost his home to foreclosure. He hired two Miami attorneys who attempted and failed to negotiate a modification of his home loan. He brought with him today a letter he received, that was overnighted to him YESTERDAY, from Chase Bank. The letter was informing him about a mortgage program that they claim "they have been trying to reach" him about. The program offered to reduce the amount he owed, allow him to stay in his home after he sold it and pay him $9,000.00. All this was so he could avoid foreclosure. The funny part is he received this letter AFTER he already lost his home to foreclosure. How ridiculous is it that a man attempts to modify his loan, is denied by the bank, they take his home, and then they decide to extend a helping hand once it's already too late. I'm not sure how they will do it, but these banks need to reevaluate their system. There is something seriously wrong going on.